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Online Hospital Management System

PROSPER is a Cloud Based  Hospital Management and Information System that can be accessed from everywhere over the Internet. PROSPER is based on Modular Approach and initially will come with the Core Module along with all the necessary modules to carry out the routine Hospital administration tasks. The Modular Approach enables the software to upgrade any time in future with additional functionality.

Prosper helps Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors & Physicians go paperless, manage Patient Records, Prescriptions, Patient History, Pharmacy, OPD, OT, Accounts, Billing, Roster & much more at their fingertips. Prosper also assists in overseeing medical care such as drug usage to thousands of patients which can become quite a tedious job if sorted out manually. Prosper’s OPD management makes every new patient entry convenient and efficient. The software will keep track of the patient’s diet, billing, health records and test results making it simple for doctors to examine a patient’s case.

Our Store Management System keeps track of supplies and their respective expected dates of delivery and keeps intact MRN and issue slips. It makes payment and billing convenient as it allows bills to be balanced out by payments given at other branches. Prosper has also designed a pharmacy management system in which patients can simply collect their medicines from the pharmacy and the payment is added to their total bill. This way, the hospital can maintain a full proof billing system that too without the need of hiring extra staff.

Key Features
Modular Approach
Cloud Based
Responsive Design
Core Module
Room/Bed Management Module
OPD Module
Patient Module
Pharmacy Module
Laboratory Module
Accounts Module
Doctors / Consultant Module
Access Levels
Super Administrator
Owner’s Dashboard
Lab Technician
Hospital Manager
Front Desk Officer
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