Litte – Online Attendance Management System


Attendance Management System

LITTE is a complete  Staff Attendance Management System.  LITTE is based on Modular Approach and initially will come with the Core Module along with all the necessary modules to manage your staff attendance. The Modular Approach enables the software to upgrade any time in future with additional functionality.

LITTE can be connected with all the popular Biometric Attendance Machines. It also comes with a standalone version. Litte is best when it is used in multi-branch environment.  No matter how scattered your workplace may be, Litte manages attendance related logistics, making sure your employees are worthy of the salary you are paying them.

With the employee self-service portal, they can now keep track of the hours they have invested in work and keep in an eye on their pending, accepted and rejected requests made to their boss. Our workflow notification feature makes attendance requests simulative and simple, allowing actions and responses to come into being efficiently. Our Easy Report Generation feature keeps an eye on each employees input to the organization and its respective outcome through easily manageable reports.

Key Features
Modular Approach
Cloud Based
Biometric / Standalone Versions
Responsive Design
Multi-Branch Support
Core Module
Reporting Module
Staff Management Module
Access Levels
Super Administrator
Owner’s Dashboard
Front Desk Officer
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